User Rating for Product Review

This is an add-on of Product Review plugin.

  • January 11, 2017
  • WordPress 3.0+
  • Review and Rating Sites
  • 1.2.3

Product Description

Product Review

User Review

You can allow your users to submit their reviews as well as feature specific ratings on a product. Users’ rating will be calculated and shown separately. You can also set how the users’ ratings will impact the final average rating score. This feature can be enabled or disabled for individual product.

Product Review

Segmented Rating

For an individual post, you can set features that will be considered as rating parameters. These parameters will be shown in user review form that a user needs to submit his rating for. You will input your own rating based on this parameters, too. There is no limit of how many features can be added!

You can choose rating type and scale of rating from Star, Point or Percentage.
Can be set to ‘Member Only’
You can set how much impact of users’ ratings will be applied on the average rating.

Product Review

User Voting

Users can vote for existing user ratings, they can submit an up-vote if they agree or a down-vote otherwise. Although it has no impact on rating scores, but it’ll help others to express their opinions.

Product Review

Rich Editor

While users submit their review, they can use WYSIWYG editor to enhance readability of their comments.

Pricing Options

Single Site
1 Website
1 Year Support
5 Sites
5 Websites
1 Year Priority Support
Unlimited Sites
Unlimited Websites
1 Year Priority Support